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    BikeBag™ - Portable Waterproof Bike Bag

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    “Perfect for what I needed. Can hold a lot of stuff. When taking my mountain bike on the trails I have a multi-tool, phone, keys, wallet, flat repair kit, protein bar, and room for more.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Devin
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    Using a bike or scooter provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to commute to work and school, or take on camping trips and trails. However, it’s not easy to carry essential items such as large water bottles or granola bars on a bike because of the lack of compartments. It can feel tiring to carry a backpack or latch items on the handles which can potentially create imbalance while riding. 

    Introducing the BikeBag™, a waterproof transporter designed to attach effortlessly to either side of a bicycle, ensuring convenient journeys. The bag easily secures to the mount and can be detached to accommodate any necessary items with utmost convenience. The BikeBag™ makes traveling and riding to various locations a hassle-free experience!



    LARGE CAPACITY: The BikeBag™ consists of a capacity of seven liters. This large capacity feature ensures that multiple items can be safely carried on the go such as a first aid kit, water bottle, food, phone, etc.

    STURDY MOUNTING: This bag can sturdily mount on the bike with the use of straps and clamps. This design guarantees a stronghold on the bag for effortless portability and safety of the items.

    WATERPROOF FABRIC: The BikeBag™ is completely waterproof with its 600D nylon shell and inner TPU fabric. The fabric of the bag remains untarnished in rainy conditions while the essentials within are safe.

    EASY INSTALLATION: The mount can be strapped near the seatpost of the bike while the bag can be strapped onto the mount. The BikeBag™ can easily be unstrapped to use without having to pull apart the mount.


    We understand the importance of cycling to particular destinations as a means to bypass traffic congestion or simply when biking on trails. While biking can be convenient or provide a fun experience, the limited space on the bicycle can hinder your ability to transport essential items needed for the day. Several studies suggest that carrying a backpack while already slouched in a riding position leads to spine discomfort.

    Thankfully, the BikeBag™ securely attaches to bicycles or scooters without causing discomfort to the neck and shoulders. This bag ensures a seamless travel and riding experience while also offering essential items for your daily commute while also providing a painless ride. Elevate your riding experience with the BikeBag™, for a smoother and tireless journey ahead!



    Material: 600D nylon shell with waterproof TPU inner layer
    Capacity: 7 liters



    (2) X Bag
    (8) X Plastic Clamps
    (2) X Install Adaptors
    (2) X Allen Wrench
    (4) X Straps


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