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    ChainCraft™ - Drill to Chainsaw Conversion

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    "I got this as a gift for my husband. He loved how convenient it was and the other guys at his shop thought it was really cool too. They all want their own now. They had fun cutting things up around the shop. It's light and easy to use."

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    Manually pruning unkept plants, shrubs and trees in the yard can be labor intensive, tiring and a nuisance. Traditional garden sheers often lack the sharpness and force to be effective, yet traditional chain saws can be cumbersome to use and require significant maintenance, ultimately resulting in wasted time and overwhelming frustration. In the long term, neglecting yard work can lead to a messy first impression, tarnished curb appeal and can cause feelings of embarrassment.  

    The ChainCraft™ drill to chainsaw conversion has been thoughtfully designed to be quiet, resourceful, lightweight, and easy for everyday use. ChainCraft™ simply connects to a standard/cordless household drill, transforming it into a rechargeable, versatile, and effective chainsaw that can easily take on labor intensive gardening tasks, while optimizing an already owned common household tool. Experience the beauty and happiness of effortless, hassle-free gardening, while creating a beautiful landscape oasis. 


    SAVES MONEY: ChainCraft™ has been flexibly designed to accommodate a variety of drill sizes from .25”-.5” three jaw chuck. This high-quality drill conversion saves money by elevating a household drill and converting it to a powerful chainsaw.

    SAVES TIME: Crafted with a premium alloy chain, ChainCraft™ is highly efficient and tackles gardening and outdoor projects with absolute ease. Save hours of time and leave manual pruning, trimming, and gardening behind.

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN: ChainCraft™ features an anti-slip handle and a balanced and lightweight body for easy and nimble use in the garden. Support muscle and joint health and skip the repetitive strain caused by using manual-powered hand clippers. 

    ONE-HAND USE: Impressively, ChainCraft™ boasts a 6 inch saw blade, is 11.14 inches in total length and weighs only 1.1 pounds. This incredible tool is both lightweight and easy to control, making it ideal and effortless to operate.

    DURABLE AND POWERFUL: The premium and durable components of ChainCraft™ make gardening and trimming tasks effortless and easy to complete. When connected to a household drill base, this chainsaw conversion will harness and deliver impressive and reliable power.

    We understand feeling disheartened and disappointed when we are not 100% happy with the appearance of our yard and home. It can be very frustrating, exhausting, and time-consuming using manual tools on landscaping in order to make the yard look tidy and well-kept. A recent study shows that power tools are generally more precise and work up to 63% more quickly, as compared to manual sheers.

    With the ChainCraft™ breathe in the fresh outdoor air and enjoy the satisfaction of having an effortlessly beautiful and freshly manicured yard. ChainCraft™ does more than just cut branches with ease, it compliments a common household tool that can transform tedious yard work into a truly empowering gardening experience. Enjoy the newfound enjoyment and confidence of gorgeously trimmed grounds, a look that compliments every home.


    Weight: 1.1 Lbs.

    Height: 3.23 in

    Length: 11.14 in

    Blade Length: 6.14 in


    (1) Electric Drill Converter

    (1) Guide Plate

    (1) Handle

    (2) Retainer Screws

    (1) Wrench

    (3) Blades

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