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    Vendiquo - Glow-In-The-Dark Reusable Water Balloons

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    Say goodbye to cleaning up the mess after every water fight


    Whenever kids are at a pool party, beach, or in the backyard… A water balloon fight adds tons of fun and excitement to their meetup.

    But picking up thousands of tiny pieces in your garden after every water fight isn’t fun.

    These balloons open on impact but don’t burst or rip, which means… No mess, and a never-ending supply of reusable balloons.


    Takes 3 seconds to refill and are reusable


    These reusable water balloons can be filled in seconds… Just put them in a body of water, and they’ll refill themselves in less than 3 seconds.

    And refilling is so easy that also kids can do it on their own.

    So unlike normal balloons, you won’t have to take a break every 10 minutes to refill them. This lets you keep the game on without losing any momentum and fun.

    Moreover, these balloons don’t tear on impact so you can reuse them again and again.



    Glows in the dark – Lets kids add a new layer of fun


    These are the world’s first glow in the dark water balloons that lets kids have water fights even during sunset or when it’s slightly dark.

    Meaning, if you get a case of hot weather during the day, your little one can have a water fight during the evening when the sun is going down.

    The result? Your kiddo gets to add a new layer of fun by getting a chance to play whenever they like.



    Summer parties just got more fun, exciting and safe!


    Traditional and regular water balloons that are made of latex can seriously hurt and injure children.

    But we at KiddoSpace took a different and safe approach to water balloon fights.

    These balloons are made up of special silicone that’s gentle on the impact and doesn’t leave any bruises or hurt skin when hit.



    Try these Reusable Water balloons today - Risk free!


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