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    GlowShape™ - LED EMS Massager

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    You deserve flawless skin without wrinkles and pimples!

    No more expensive skin care products! With the GlowShape LED massager that will make your skin and face look flawless without tearing a huge hole in your wallet.




    ✅ Shapes, firms, lifts cheeks and jawline.
    ✅ Fixes fine lines & reduces wrinkles
    ✅ Eliminates acne, small bumps and blackheads.
    ✅ Improves redness & dark spots/circle cracks
    ✅ Completely painless & non-toxic


    Unique Technology.

    GlowShape combines innovative LED technology with patented micro-current method. By combining treatment with GlowShape, cell regeneration is accelerated, your skin is tightened and your skin texture is improved!

    Bye Bye Wrinkles

    GlowShape soothes the skin and eliminates wrinkles by stimulating microcirculation. This way you can counteract the natural aging process and stimulate the regeneration of your cells!

    Anti Double Chin

    Did you know that a double chin is not always genetic? Often it is caused by deposits of water or lymph. Due to the deep penetrating effect of the LED's, deposited fluids under the skin are transported away and cleansed. This way you can effectively fight your double chin without surgery!


    GlowShape has an anti-inflammatory effect with its LED's and thus prevents the development of pimples and blackheads! Inflammation foci are fought early and your skin appearance is thus significantly improved!

      HOW TO USE

      1. Remove GlowShape™ from the packaging
      2. Connect the USB charging cable and wait until fully charged
      3. Press the power button to turn GlowShape™ on
      4. Select the desired mode (Green Light, Blue Light, or Red Light)
      5. Pass the head of the device over the surface of the skin, completely covering the face and neck areas
      6. Use consistently 4 times per week or more during the first 4 weeks for best results
      7. Then drop to once per week or so for maintenance according to preference
      8. Enjoy getting compliments on having more youthful, vibrant looking skin!




      Material:  ABS Plastic
      Battery Type:  Rechargeable Lithium Ion
      Battery Capacity:  500 mAh
      Output Voltage:  3.7V
      Charging Time:  About 2 Hours
      Working Time:  About 40 Minutes




      1 x GlowShape™ - LED EMS Massager
      1 x USB Charging Cable 
      1 x Soft Storage Bag
      1 x Owner’s Manual


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