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    GreenMaster Pro™ - Golf Swing Training Mat

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    Perfect your swing with the NEW GreenMaster Pro™ - Golf Swing Training Mat. Our thick foam golf practicing interface comes with velcro for easy attaching to industrial carpets or other closed-loop carpets. Our golf swing mat is perfect for working on your swing indoors or outdoors, as well as short game practice such as chipping and pitching.

    Our real-time golf training product employs a unique soft fabric designed to leave a dark mark that indicates where your club head strikes the mat in relation to where the ball is placed. With this new interface, you can now see your PERFECT swing with every shot!

    ✔  Durable, High-Quality Materials 

    ✔  Portable & Easy Setup

    ✔ Develop Swing Consistency

    ✔ Perfect for All Skill Levels


    Divot Daddy Training Mat – Parfection Golf


    Our impact golf swing mat trainer is made of impact-resistant fleece material designed to withstand wear and tear even after multiple rounds of golf. The premium rubber bottom bark allows you to firmly fix the mat in place, simulating a natural feeling of hitting, chipping, and putting practice.

    Instant Feedback

    The mat draws a perfect line for your golf club to impact the ball. This lets you know where and how your club is making contact with the ball - on or off-center - resulting in better feedback for your swing path. The closer the mark you make with your club is to this line, the more accurate your swing path will be, the more consistent your shots will be, and the better your game will be!

    How It Works

    When hitting the golf ball, the golf club leaves a mark on the practice mat. Use the markings to check and instantly begin to correct your predominant swing path errors. To reuse the mat, simply wipe away (backward motion) the marking and keep practicing!


    🚀 Ready to Transform Your Game?


    Transform your golf game with the revolutionary GreenMaster Pro™ - Golf Swing Training Mat. Crafted with precision and innovation, this mat offers the ideal platform for honing your swing technique. Designed with advanced materials that mimic the feel of real grass, every practice session feels like you're on the course. 

    Its specialized surface provides feedback on club head impact, helping you adjust your swing for optimal performance. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your skills or a beginner eager to learn, this training mat offers a reliable foundation for improvement. From mastering the fundamentals to refining intricate movements, elevate your game and conquer the fairways with the GreenMaster Pro™ - Golf Swing Training Mat.


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