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    Insta Press™ Camping Coffee Pot

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    “Good coffee maker! The material looks good. Initially had doubts about the quality of the coffee, but after tasting it for sure did a great filtered coffee. It came with a bag too for shipping, which is ideal. For sure, it will be handy in my adventures in the bush. I highly recommend it if you like rich, fresh coffee.”


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dixie Mclaughlin
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    A cup of coffee in the morning is a source of motivation and a means of warming up, especially when spending the day outdoors. Instant coffee may look like the best bet, but its bitterness and lasting flavor won't necessarily appeal to everyone. Failing to have a proper cup of coffee results in feeling sluggish and uninspired.

    Here is Insta Press™, a portable french press coffee maker ideal for use in the great outdoors and complements any camping set-up. The maker creates a rich brew by boiling water and filtering out coffee particles, oils, and other bitter extracts. A cup of hot, aromatic coffee is the perfect way to kick off the day outside.





    FRENCH PRESSED COFFEE: The Insta Press™ is bundled with a french press for making coffee compared to an instant coffee maker. Thus, serves both as a kettle and a press filter and creates a great-tasting coffee.

    LIGHTWEIGHT: With a weight of just 225 grams, Insta Press™ is incredibly portable. Being such lightweight and compact allows it to fit with the rest of the camping gear.


    USE IT AS A MUG: The Insta Press™ also serves as a multi-purpose tool for campfire cooking apart from brewing coffee. Removing the filter makes it practical to heat water or cook breakfast.

    AVOID SCALDING: The handle on the Insta Press™ folds up and closes for convenient storage and transport. Protects the hands from burns when holding a hot beverage and conserves space.


    MEASUREMENT MARKS: The interior of the Instant Press™ is clearly labeled in milliliters and ounces. Bringing a mug used as a measuring device is a helpful travel accessory.




    1. Pour water into Insta Press™.
    2. Lit the heating cooker, and heat the water to boiling.
    3. Add the desired amount of coffee powder.
    4. Use the press to filter the residue.
    5. Pour hot coffee into a mug and enjoy the delicious cuppa!



    We understand how bleak it would be to awaken without the usual pep and motivation to go about the day. Demotivation might have many causes, but a lack of a good cup of coffee shouldn't be one of them. A recent study out of Johns Hopkins Medical School found that skipping a morning cup of caffeine negatively affects happiness and productivity.

    Like an excellent coffee but not in the mood to rely on the instant in the great outdoors, consider using the Insta Press™. The maker helps to brew the coffee out of freshly crushed beans with the ease of being lightweight, compact, and space saver for outdoors. Get the energy boost needed to face the day's difficulties with a cup of coffee in the morning!





    Material:       Titanium
    Capacity:      750ML (1L Max)
    Net weight:  225g/7.94oz





    1 x INSTA PRESS™ 750ml Pot
    1 x Frech press
    1 x Spoon
    1 x Carry bag



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