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    KittyKlean™ - Smart Cat Odor Purifier

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    “Wow. The way this actually worked I’m going to order a few more because this made a huge difference! No smell at all anymore!!! Legit shook it worked but it’s definitely worth purchasing!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Yesenia Rodriguez
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    A vital component of cat care, cat litter offers a designated space for cats to eliminate waste while upholding household cleanliness. However, cat litter can swiftly acquire an unpleasant smell once utilized by cats, resulting in an undesirable atmosphere. Coping with the enduring disagreeable odor of cat litter can be exasperating, requiring regular disposal and upkeep.

    Introducing the KittyKlean™, the revolutionary answer for eliminating unwanted cat litter odors, guaranteeing a fresh and welcoming space. Effortlessly installed above or within the litter box, this device continuously eliminates odors day and night, maintaining a pleasant, scent-free space. Witness a notable decrease in litter odors using KittyKlean™, resulting in an environment that's visibly fresher and cleaner!



    24/7 SYSTEM: The KittyKlean™ is built with a round-the-clock odor monitoring system. This system ensures that the air is being purified and filtered 24/7 for a fresher smelling environment. 

    LONG BATTERY LIFE: This purifier features a long battery life due to its 4000 Mac large capacity lithium battery. The KittyKlean™ can operate for up to eight days with just one charge.

    ANTI-SCRATCH DESIGN: The KittyKlean™ is constructed with a heavy duty cap. Attach the cap to any surface, allowing the deodorizer to securely snap in place, preventing it from being scratched off.

    INTELLIGENT MONITORING: With an intelligent monitoring system, the KittyKlean™ immediately shuts down once it detects a cat in the litter box. As the cat leaves, the device begins purifying again which creates less disturbance to the cat.

    ULTRA-QUIET: The KittyKlean™ is constructed carefully to make minimal noise in the process of deodorizing. The machine is does not create chaos in the surroundings and causes no disturbance to the cat. 


    We understand the annoyance that stems from the ongoing chore of tending to the litter box due to its potent and disagreeable scent. Dealing with bacteria and enduring overpowering odors can be frustrating, leading to an unappealing environment. In as little as 24-48 hours, cat odors and bacteria can rapidly accumulate after a cat uses the litter box.

    Thankfully, the KittyKlean™ efficiently eliminates odors and greatly reduces the chances of bacterial accumulation. Because of its purifying characteristics, the device independently releases deodorizing ions and shows evident transformations in just a span of two days. Elevate your living area's scent using KittyKlean™ to ensure a more refreshing atmosphere alongside your cat companion!



    Rated voltage: 5V
    Battery capacity: 4000mah
    Battery Life: 8 Days



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