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    LintBuster™ - Electric Lint Remover

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    “This lint shaver has been a GAME-CHANGER for my wardrobe. From my delicate silk blouses to my everyday jeans, every piece of clothing feels brand new again. I love how easy, straightforward, and efficient it works. Truly the best purchase for anyone who wants to improve their clothing care. I 100% recommend it!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Emily D.
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    In the fashion world, every outfit has to be perfectly unique, and even the smallest imperfections can shift the focus. Over time, beloved clothing pieces fall victim to the buildup of lint, fuzz, and fabric pills, gradually looking older and more worn down. This not only affects the look, and the quality of the outfit but can cause insecurity and undermine the quest for a flawless outfit.

    Introducing LintBuster™, the cutting-edge electric lint remover, crafted for the ultimate care and recovery of the wardrobe. With its three-hole sizes, integrated shaving-suction system, and precise LED digital display, LintBuster™ rejuvenates fashion pieces to their original state. Experience renewed confidence, with clothing that remains as bold and authentic as the day it was first worn.





     OMNI CLEAN: LintBuster™ boasts 6 stainless steel razors, covered with a 360° honeycomb mesh with 3 different hole sizes offering unmatched coverage on any clothing surface. Every inch gets attention, guaranteeing consistently flawless results.

     HIGHLY VERSATILE: With 3 custom speed settings, LintBuster™ is able to trip to every fabric type. Whether it's a delicate textile or rugged material, each piece gets the perfect touch, ensuring its longevity and good-as-new appearance.



    ✅ ALL-ROUND FUNCTIONALITY: LintBuster™ offers an integrated lint roller and brush stored away in the handle, offering multifaceted garment care. Experience all-around functionality and enjoy revitalizing the entire outfit to its best state

    ✅ PRECISION LED DISPLAYThe advanced LED display of LintBuster™ ensures precise monitoring of battery and speed settings. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing each piece of clothing gets premium care, and embrace the ultimate user-friendly experience.



    SUCTION-SHAVE: LintBuster™ offers innovative shaving-suction technology ensuring unparalleled fabric protection. Lint is effortlessly cut and immediately stored away in the large container, making every cleaning session doubly effective.


    We understand the deep connection between an individual and their beloved outfits, and the sense of frustration when favorite pieces start showing signs of wear and tear. It can be disheartening to put on that special dress or tailored shirt, only to notice the disturbing lint, fuzz, or fabric pills, diminishing its original charm. A recent study shows that 68% of quality clothing already starts developing lint buildup after just wearing it 3 times.

    With LintBuster™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to have finally found the perfect ally in the quest for high-quality clothing care. Boasting all-round functionality, 3 versatile speed settings, and 6 razors with a 360° honeycomb mesh cover, the clothes are not only cleaned but rejuvenated to their original state. Enjoy stepping out every day, confident in every outfit, and it being as vibrant as its first time wear.





    Material: ABS
    Charging Time: 1-2 hours
    Charging: USB-C rechargeable




    (1)x LintBuster™
    (1)x LintBuster™ (lint roller + brush inside handle)
    (1)x LintBuster™ USB-C cable

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