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    MeasureTech™ - 3-in-1 Laser Tape Measure

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    “Easy to use, accurate & very durable. I am an exterior designer and I use this for daily appointments and it makes my life so much easier. Why pay $100+ for a Laser measurer when you can get a solid tape measure + Laser, all in one. Can't beat it!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jake
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    Accurate home measurements are crucial in ensuring the right fit and optimal functionality of furniture, appliances, and other items within the living area. Measuring larger items and floor plans using rulers and tapes can pose physical challenges, often proving impractical due to their demanding nature. Conducting measurements with a manual ruler can be fatiguing and frustrating, occasionally necessitating additional assistance to complete the task.

    Introducing the MeasureTech™, a versatile 3-in-1 rangefinder designed to simplify the measurement process. Equipped with a five-meter ruler band, a sixty-meter laser measurement capability, and a laser cross for precise line referencing, this device efficiently fulfills various measurement tasks. Utilizing the MeasureTech™ streamlines the process of capturing precise measurements, significantly reducing physical effort in the process!



    ✅ MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN: The MeasureTech™ serves three purposes in one. This device is capable of laser measurements reaching up to 60 meters, manual measurements of up to 5 meters using the ruler, and a laser cross for precise line referencing.

    ✅ DATA SAVING: This device provides the convenience of storing 20 sets of measurement data. The MeasureTech™ is perfect for recording data in case it's required for future reference and memory.

    ACCURATE RESULTS: The MeasureTech™ features a reliable measuring system. Displaying measurements with a mere 2 mm margin of error, this device ensures precise and accurate results.

    ✅ SELF-LOCKING: This measuring device is designed with a self-locking feature for the ruler band. The MeasureTech™ band automatically locks into place once pulled out for ease of use and can be unlocked by pressing on the button.

    STURDY MATERIAL: The exterior of the MeasureTech™ is crafted using TPR rubber material. This design element guarantees the device's resilience against tears, wear, and dust, leading to dependable and enduring performance over time.


    We understand the frustration of seeking accurate measurements within your home and the inconvenience that inaccuracies can bring. Measuring items like walls or couches at home using a tape measure can become a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, especially when dealing with longer distances. A study in the Journal of Mechanical Design indicates that measurement inaccuracies can stem from human error and environmental factors.

    Thankfully, the MeasureTech™ streamlines item measurement through its intuitive click buttons, making the process user-friendly. Utilizing laser technology, this device consistently records 20 sets of measurement data in its memory, guaranteeing rapid and accurate measurements with reliability. Enhance your home projects using the MeasureTech™, providing a quicker and more efficient approach to precise item measurements!



    Material: ABS+coated manganese steel tape
    Measurement accuracy: 2mm
    Maximum storage capacity: 20 groups
    Battery type: need 2*AAA batteries (excluding batteries)
    Scale: Metric and Inch



    (1) X Laser Tape Measure
    (1) X Screwdriver
    (1) X User Manual


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