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    JetStream™ - Mini Turbo Jet Fan

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    Elevate your cleaning game with unmatched blowing power

    Experience "Airflow Mastery" engineered with inspiration from turbine engines, Turblower releases an impressive surge, effortlessly sweeping objects away from a secure distance.

    The ultimate BBQ companion

    Ignite the coals at your upcoming BBQ with unparalleled style using the TurBlower. Then pocket it, leaving your guests in sheer amazement at your flair and finesse.

    Simplified vehicle drying

    Simplify your Car/Motorcycle drying routine with TurBlower. Reach every spot from door jams to wheels and fuel areas in one smooth motion. No more hassle of carrying a leaf blower- TurBlower does it all.

    Note: Prolonged/continuous use will drain the battery and heat up the motor faster. When drying your car, it is advised to use it in short burst intervals for specific areas such as mirrors, wheels, tyres, crevices etc

    Flip it around to seal bags

    Discover true power in your hands! The TurBlower isn't just an exceptionally powerful blower; it's a vacuum bag sealer too! Tackle messes and seal with ease – experience unmatched convenience starting today!

    Dust-free device delight

    The TurBlower is your secret weapon for achieving a pristine dust-free finish thats simply dazzling.

    Effortlessly refresh filters, consoles, PCS, keyboards, and those notoriously tricky spots, ensuring your devices shine like new.


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