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    PawPhrase™ - Dog Comminication Buttons

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    “This one has great sound quality! I tried another brand first and was disappointed. We started with a button for "treat" and it has worked already! We added "outside", "do your job" and "play ball". It took time for our dog to learn to press the button but after we did that for her a zillion times she got the hang of it. This adds a new dimension of being able to connect with your pet…”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rick Peister
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    Teaching dogs to communicate entails instructing them in cues and signals, empowering them to proficiently express their requirements to their human companions. Nevertheless, establishing effective communication with dogs or puppies, especially through verbal methods, can frequently present difficulties. Supporting the training journey for dog communication can frequently come with feelings of complexity and exasperation.

    Introducing the PawPhrase™, a groundbreaking device equipped with buttons that enhance communication through voice recording capabilities. By integrating voice-recorded buttons, dogs can use their paws to express themselves using a range of colors, voices, and strategic placement on the accompanying button mat. PawPhrase™ offers the most effective means for dogs to communicate and acquire commands!



    EASY VOICE RECORDING: The PawPhrase™ utilizes a voice recording system that allows the dog to understand and react to commands. To capture a voice message, simply press the "REC" button, making sure it doesn't exceed a 20-second duration.

    ENHANCED COMMUNICATION: This innovative device enhances communication. With carefully designed phrases, commands, color, and button placement, PawPhrase™ allows dogs to swiftly grasp communication.

    NON-SKID MAT: The PawPhrase™ includes a mat for button placement. The buttons can securely attach to the non-slip mat to help the dog associate the importance of each button.

    SAFE MATERIAL: Crafted from resilient ABS material, rubber, and velcro, PawPhrase™ boasts robust buttons. This dependable material guarantees the longevity and resilience of the buttons.


    We comprehend the challenges associated with training and communicating with your dog, particularly if they haven't received prior training. Expressing their thoughts, following commands, or responding solely through verbal communication may prove challenging for them. According to research from the National Institute of Health, dogs tend to excel in visual communication, which is why they often struggle to comprehend words.

    Thankfully, PawPhrase™ utilizes a blend of diverse button colors and strategic mat placement, enabling dogs to efficiently grasp and respond to commands. With regular practice, dogs can acquire the ability to utilize their paws to engage with pre-programmed buttons, allowing them to convey questions, react, or dutifully follow instructions. Enhance your dog's communication skills using PawPhrase™, unlocking the potential for more effective two-way exchanges!



    Material: Plastic, Rubber, Silicone
    REC Length: 20 seconds each
    Battery: 2 AAA (Batteries Not Included)



    (1) X Mat with Velcro
    (9) X Voice Buttons
    (1) X Sticker
    (1) X Screwdriver
    (1) X Manual


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