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    Planter Pro™ Scuffle Hoe Garden Tool

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    “Little one's sandbox got filled with weeds. Ordered this hoping it would work. It's very easy to use and cleared out the weeds in less than 30 minutes!!!! Best gardening tool I've come across, can't wait to clear out my flower beds!!! ”


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Cynthia
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    Fighting weeds and maintaining clean flower beds is a grueling task that puts pressure on the back. Traditional weed tools in gardens are less efficient since they just pull weeds up from the surface rather than cutting the roots. It's an awful feeling that haunts when the much-loved landscape hasn't received the deserved care.


    Planter Pro™ slices through the roots of weeds, keeping them at bay for an extended period. The blade's angle works in both push and pulls directions, allowing it to cover a large area without strain on the back. Enjoy the time in the yard and be proud of the work that kept the patio weed-free.






    WORK UPRIGHT: Planters Pro™ comes with four height-adjustable rods that are suited for most gardeners. This allows picking the appropriate height for the activity at hand without having to lean over.



    STRONG & WELL-MADE: Planters Pro™ has a robust metal blade that will endure a long time. This removes heavy weeds on hard soil and landscaping rocks fast and easily.


    ECOLOGICALLY SAFE: Planters Pro™ is the most environmentally friendly method of weeding as no chemicals are used. There are no residues left after mulching the topsoil, making it pet and child safe.



    SIMPLE TO USE: The Planters Pro™ flexible triangular metal head easily slides beneath weeds to cut the roots below the surface. It rotates the soil, leaving a lovely clean weed-free area and drastically reducing weeding time.



    1. Open the package.
    2. Twist and connect the number of extension rods as per the desired height.




    We understand how tough it is on the back to weed and maintain the flower beds. Traditional hoe work involves either scraping the weeds on the surface or returning to the same spot several times until all of the weeds are removed. When backache becomes severe, the physical therapy for chronic or lower back pain costs $126 per session with most spending above $1,000 in total.

    With the Planter Pro™, the narrow weed areas are tackled with a long handle with an accurate pointing blade tip. The angular double-sided blade cuts through the roots while maintaining a balanced body posture. There's no need to be concerned about back discomfort anymore, as gardening is now both safe and pain-free!






    1.5 inch diameter pole

    Height adjustable 3.5feet to 7.5feet





    1 x Scuffle Hoe



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