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    ProCast™ - High Speed Fishing Reel

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    “I have been fishing for 45 yrs used about everything out there, and this reel performs excellent, It can cast farther without backlash than some of my high-end reels and has an excellent drag system.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Robert
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    Fishing has been a hobby for generations connecting the thrill of nature and the fun of catching prized fish. However, traditional fishing poles lack the innovation needed to make every fishing expedition truly fulfilling especially since they easily break. Limited control and unpredictable results can often evoke feelings of frustration as it prevents fish from being caught.

    Introducing the ProCast™ advanced fishing pole, a game-changing solution designed to redefine the fishing experience. This remarkable fishing pole uses a faster and stronger gear system to speed up the catching process and provides more control for a successful catch. The ProCast™ ensures a smoother, more satisfying outcome every time!



    ✅ ADJUSTABLE DRAG: The ProCast™ Fishing Pole offers an adjustable 8 KG drag, offering precise control tailored to the size of the catch. This allows for enhanced versatility and increased success rates on fishing trips. 

    ✅ LIGHTNING FAST GEAR-RATIO: ProCast™ stands out with its lightning-fast 8:1 gear ratio, due to its larger and faster fishing wheel. Reel in catches swiftly and efficiently, transforming the fishing game.

    The gear body of ProCast™ is engineered to be thicker, enhancing wear resistance and extending the lifespan of this trusted fishing pole. This fishing pole can last for years on end without damage.

    ✅ POWERFUL MAGNETS: ProCast™ incorporates five powerful magnets for a stable brake system, eliminating erratic casts and ensuring pinpoint accuracy. The magnets provide a proper way to break the system. 

    With 24-gear magnetic brakes, ProCast™ lets anglers fine-tune their casting experience, providing unparalleled control over fishing adventures. Achieve greater distances and improved results effortlessly.

    ✅ WEAR/HEAT-RESISTANT: ProCast™ features a wear and heat-resistant line, setting this fishing pole apart from ordinary ones. This remarkable feature ensures durability and resilience, providing peace of mind during fishing expeditions.


    We understand the challenges faced by using traditional fishing rods due to their advanced system. Dealing with overly sensitive rods that offer limited control can be quite irritating, especially with bigger fish and rushing water. In fact, according to the Angler's Association, 68% of fishermen share that conventional rods do not provide proper power.

    Thankfully, ProCast™ is the perfect solution for anglers seeking predictable and precise fishing experiences. This rod can help with effortlessly reeling in prized catches due to its thicker gear body, faster fishing line, controllable drag, and more. Upgrade your fishing experience today with ProCast™ and enjoy many more fishing adventures.



    Gear Ratio: 8.1:1
    Drag: 8kg



    (1) X BaitCasting Reel


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