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    FreshLock Pro™ - Mason Jar Sealer

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    “I use my FreshLock Pro™ every day; my family loves to cook, and we store a lot of recipes. We really love how the seasonings soak in when it's sealed like this, and the veggies are always fresh and vibrant!”


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Janet Clausen

    ✔️ Verified Buyer


    When it comes to food storage and preservation, the desire to maintain freshness is paramount. However, the overbearing search for reliable sealing methods often leads to frustration and spoiled goods. This age-old challenge has left people feeling hopeless, disheartened, and made to feel as if high grocery costs are unavoidable, as many preservation efforts fail.


    Introducing FreshLock Pro™ - Mason Jar Sealer, the ultimate solution for jarred food preservation. FreshLock Pro™'s hands-free sealing system locks in freshness to help extend the lifespan of stored food in seconds. Finally, save food with ease and enjoy the convenience of keeping fresh, tasty ingredients ready to prepare meals that make memories.





    Cost Effective: The FreshLock Pro™ features a USB Type-C rechargeable battery that makes a pastime of sealing up to 200 jars on a single charge. This helps cut grocery bills by making storage easier and ensuring that homemade gifts and spices last as long as the memories.


    One Size Fits All: The FreshLock Pro™ features a variable jarhead that can adjust to seal both wide-mouth and standard-mouth jars with the same device. This provides a seamless pantry flow by effortlessly adapting to pre-owned mason jars.

    Efficient Sealing: Featuring a 500CC, airtight vacuum, supplied by a 7.4V built-in battery, the FreshLock Pro™ can professionally seal a jar in under 45 seconds. This preserves any seasonings and flavors, whether for preparation, camping, bug-out, or just for the sake of taste and experience.

    User Intuitive: Boasting an innovative single-touch user experience, the FreshLock Pro™ helps eliminate any uncertainty by keeping the mechanics simple. This makes it assumable for users of all skill levels to enjoy the convenience of preserving goods effectively on the go. 

    ✅ Easy Maintenance: Designed with a dual-chambered body and removable sealing gaskets, the FreshLock Pro™ easily remains clean after multiple uses. This provides a low-maintenance, thought-free, minimalistic experience while ensuring consistent performance in the long term



    We understand how frustrating it can be to rebuy the same quickly spoiling foods or to struggle maintaining freshness, especially when typical methods don't work. It can be quite unsatisfying to open the refrigerator only to smell a nasty scent coming from the produce drawer. A recent study revealed a whopping 40% of the budget allocated to household groceries is wasted annually due to improper storage, or worse, consumed anyway, and spiking illnesses.


    Imagine effortlessly sealing your favorite foods with FreshLock Pro™ - Mason Jar Sealer, ensuring they stay fresh, ripe, and colorful for longer, and really getting your money's worth. With its efficient sealing mechanism and versatile compatibility, you'll say hello to a fresher, more cost-friendly, and organized home. Experience the joy of freedom that comes from care-free storage and the satisfaction of always having fresh ingredients at your fingertips with FreshLock Pro™.




    Package Includes:


    1  FreshLock Pro™ Mason Jar Sealer
    5  FreshLock Pro™ Wide Canning Lids
    5  FreshLock Pro™ Small Canning Lids
    1  FreshLock Pro™ Instruction Manual
    1  FreshLock Pro™ 1-Year Warranty
    1  FreshLock Pro™ Type-C Cable



    Dimensions: 4.09 x 4.09 x 3.74in

    Large Canning Lid Size: 3.3 x 3.3in

    Small Canning Lid Size: 2.7 x 2.7in

    Weight: 450g / (15.87oz)


    The FreshLock Pro™ - Mason Jar Sealer is hands down one of the best investments you’ll make this year. By investing in your home storage efficiency, you can save money on wasted goods and save your time repurchasing the same quickly expiring items, all while feeling less self-conscious in your preservation efforts.


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    Our Mission is simple; empower people everywhere to store their goods without care!

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